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Raising Fine Suri Alpacas

Welcome to High Prairie Ranch

Our dream started in 2011, with a small herd of young Suri females. We always considered Suris and no others. We were willing do whatever it takes to become a quality breeder.

Our expectations were not unrealistic. We knew it would be a lot of work and it is not a “get rich quick” scheme. It’s a long-term commitment.

In the past 9 years, we have learned much about the industry and the Suris we love. They clearly merit the title of one of the most rare and luxurious fiber animals on earth.

HPR Alaskan Gold at The Futurity

Quiet time between friends

The Boys!

Shortly after we established High Prairie Ranch on the high prairies of Southeast Minnesota, we were bitten by the “show bug”. Our herd has been shown with good success. In order to improve with each generation, we understand how important it is to compare our herd against the herds of our peers, in front of expert and various judges.

While it is not absolutely necessary to show alpacas, we really enjoy the friends we’ve made and the marketing and networking opportunities. There’s nothing like putting your animal up next to the best in the industry and coming away with high placements, effectively validating and rewarding your hard work.

Please consider our Suri alpacas when you start your own herd of breeding alpacas, increase an existing herd, or simply enjoy some of our pets and companions that are born from time to time. Financing options are available on an individual basis.

If we are unable to fulfill your needs, we are in touch with other breeders that might be able to do so. We are located between Northfield and Cannon Falls, Minnesota. Please call us soon.

Harvey & Barb Biron

Financing offered for up to two years, maximum. 25% down at signing and 50% down to take animals home. Interest rate at 1% over prime. No penalty for early payoff.